The holiday season is almost here and Christmas is coming, so what better way to make your Christmas jolly than putting up your Christmas decorations and setting up your holiday lighting? Here at The ProClean Team, we'd love to show you our Christmas light installation projects for several homes in Seattle, Washington.

First, let’s talk about one of the most memorable customers that we had recently. We were contacted by a woman named Michelle who wanted to surprise her husband with a beautiful Christmas light setup, but she didn't have the time or energy to do it herself. She said she'd tried hiring professionals before and had been disappointed by their work.

When she found our company online, she was skeptical that we could deliver what we promised: quality work at an affordable price. But she decided to take the chance and hired us anyway because she wanted to make sure her husband got the kind of festive holiday experience he deserved. We were happy to help Michelle out with this project and excited about the opportunity to show off our skills in an unfamiliar area.

Our team of Christmas light installers worked hard on Michelle's home over several days, installing nearly 100 feet of LED lights on her roofline and front porch, as well as several strings along the side of the house. We also added some large "decorative" bulbs around the base of each tree on their property. The result was truly magnificent, when Michelle's husband got home from work that night and saw his gorgeous new decorations for the first time, he was so happy and thankful for our work.

Christmas light installation in Lynnwood

What is the best LED light color for Christmas?

One of the best things about Christmas is that it comes with a lot of festive colors. And one of the best ways to bring out those colorful shades is by using LED lights for your holiday displays. But what color should you use? Well, there's no such thing as "the best" when it comes to Christmas lights, if you’re planning on putting up colored outdoor Christmas lights, there are many different colors you can use. Here are some of our suggested colors:

Traditional Multi-colored lights

The best LED light color to use for Christmas is red, green, and white. This is because it combines all of the colors we associate with the holiday season.

  • Red: The color red has a strong association with Christmas, which makes it a great choice for your lights.
  • Green: Green symbolizes nature, so you can use it as an accent color in your decorations like wreaths and garlands.
  • White: The color white symbolizes purity and peace, which are also important themes of the holiday season.

Blue Christmas lights

If you want your Christmas lights to look like they're from a winter wonderland, blue Christmas lights are a perfect choice. They'll help you achieve that icy, otherworldly effect and make your home feel like it's been transported straight into Santa’s workshop.

Blue Christmas lights are also ideal for a more modern holiday lighting display because their cool color will offset warmer tones in your décor. For example, if you've got red or orange accents on your tree or in some of your furniture pieces, adding blue strands will balance out the room's overall aesthetic and make sure everything looks cohesive.

Red and white Christmas lights

Red and white Christmas lights on the house are the most traditional color combination that you can find. You see them everywhere, so you'll have no problem finding the right ones if you decide to use this color combination for your lights. However, even though they're popular and easy to find, red and white Christmas lights aren't very bright.

They tend to be dimmer than other colors of Christmas lights because they don't have as much energy efficiency technology built into them as many other types of colorful bulbs do. Because of this lack of brightness, red and white Christmas lights are also quite cheap compared with other choices such as blue or green options which will cost more per strand due to their increased brightness levels.

Purple Christmas lights

If you're interested in using purple Christmas lights for your tree, you have a few options. If your tree has dark green or red needles, then purple Christmas lights are a good choice for you, the colors will complement each other well. Alternatively, if your tree's needles are white and its branches are bare enough to see through them without looking cluttered with decorations, then bright purple Christmas lights will stand out against the natural colors of the tree and make them pop.

Now that you know which colors of Christmas lights to use, it’s time to go out there and make your house the most festive on the block.

Christmas light installation Lynnwood WA

Are you looking for a Residential Christmas Light Installation Service?

Here at The ProClean Team, we offer a variety of Christmas lighting installation services to make your holidays merry & bright and also to turn your home or business into a festive display. It can be difficult to climb up onto your roof yourself, let our professional Christmas light decorators and installers take the risk off your shoulders.

We offer services in Lynnwood, WA, and the nearby areas. Call us now for help this coming holiday!


What are the advantages of using LED Christmas lights?
LED Christmas lights offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and brighter illumination. They consume less electricity, reducing your energy bills while being environmentally friendly.

Can I connect multiple sets of LED Christmas lights together?
Yes, experts can safely connect multiple sets of LED Christmas lights. Most LED lights are designed with end-to-end connectors, allowing you to extend the length as needed. Just ensure not to exceed the manufacturer's recommended maximum wattage.

Are LED Christmas lights safe to use outdoors?
Yes, LED Christmas lights are suitable for outdoor use. They are weather-resistant and durable, making them perfect for decorating trees, bushes, and rooftops, adding a festive touch to your home's exterior.

How can I save even more energy with LED Christmas lights?
To save energy with LED lights, consider using timers or smart plugs to schedule their operation. Additionally, opting for solar-powered LED lights can help you further reduce electricity consumption during the holiday season.

Are LED Christmas lights dimmable?
Not all LED Christmas lights are dimmable. If you desire dimmable lights, ensure that the product description specifically mentions this feature, as dimmable LED lights often require compatible dimmer switches.